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Mountain Grove High School Class of 1964 profiles

Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 12:18 pm

Joel Clay Romines

Spouse’s Name:  Patricia

Children(s) Names:  Shannon & Adam

After graduation, I attended Drury College which allowed me to keep ties to family and some friends but put a little distance between me and home.  With a low draft number, I went to enlist during my senior year but found---courtesy of MGHS football and West Plains in particular---my football knee made me a 1-Y.  I had mixed feelings about this and have always strongly admired those who have served in our armed forces.

My first job was with a New York bank, introduced by a good family friend from Mountain Grove who had recently retired from there.  It was then called First National City Bank and it was a very different place than the bank that has over recent years made news with multiple problems.  After four years, I had a chance to join a small, start-up bank in London UK called Orion Bank.  While I had enjoyed New York, my heart was in London where I had been fortunate to spend a semester abroad during the Drury years.  I spent nearly 20 years in the UK and, while still living there in the late seventies, I made a business trip to New York and met my (much) better half, Patricia.  We married in 1978 and have two children:  Shannon, who is working in New York for a non-profit, and Adam who is in Jackson, WY pursuing his interest in building websites and web apps.  Of our two children, only one marriage is in sight, so grandkids are still only wishful thinking!  I am very jealous of so many of my classmates who have multiple grandkids.  At least both of our kids live in fun places to visit.

While in London, I left the banking business and joined with several others to start a private firm that channels institutional funds into startup private tech companies.  We’ve had our ups and downs, but I still work part-time and am fortunate to have great colleagues.  As Knightsbridge required me more and more to be in the U.S., we moved to Bartlesville, OK in 1990 where Patricia’s employer, Phillips Petroleum, was headquartered.  It was a great move as both our parents were still alive and it allowed our children to get to know their grandparents.  Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of the alums of MGHS from different generations but have been in touch with class members far too little.  I have very fond memories of growing up in Mountain Grove and am really looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Bonnie Lou (Hoover) Westbrook

Spouse’s Name:  Lawrence Berdell Westbrook (deceased).

Children(s) Names:  Loana, Larry, Jeffrey, and Jerome Westbrook.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Toni Westbrook Smith, Sydney, Savannah, Nesika, and Asia Westbrook.

Janet (Austin) Parsons

Children: Jeanna Edwards

Grandchildren: Olivia Austin Edwards

Address: 2342 Terrace Drive, Springfield, MO  65804

Cell Phone: 417.844.6600


I attended SMS from 1964 to 1965 and was a member if Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority.  I was also a cheerleader.  From 1965 to 1967 I attended SCA and was a member of the girls drill team T Stepers.

I was married in 1968 and was blessed with my daughter Jeanna in May of 1970.  After I was married I moved to St. Joseph and attended MWSC on a full tennis scholarship.  In 1975 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education, Physical Education and Psychology.      

My daughter and I moved to Springfield, Missouri in 1978.  I have sold real estate in Springfield since that time.  I am fortunate to work with my daughter Jeanna and son-in-law Craig and have a job that I love.  I have had the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with Real Estate Agents throughout the United States and even overseas.  Over the years I have spoken on panels with these agents and have made many great friends.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I also enjoy walking, gardening and traveling.

It was great to grow up and live in Mountain Grove for my school years.  There is something to be said about being a part of a small community that gives you the feeling of connection throughout life.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with my classmates.

Mary Sue (Jones) Johnston

Children(s) Names:  Lori Heinricks; Marla Moore.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Ricky; Jonathan; Joshua; A.J.; Kenlee and Barrett.

I have taught elementary school children for thirty years.  I retired in 2009 and am living in Siloam Springs, AR.

My two daughters and grandchildren also reside in Siloam Springs.  My life still revolves around school and sports activities.  However, I now watch the Siloam Springs Panthers play in their maroon and gray uniforms.

Edward Clarence Mozley

Spouse’s Name:  Joan

Since graduation, I’ve been a soldier (US Army Special Forces), a professional student (UC Berkley), a prospector (Geophysicist with Newmont Mining), a research scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory and, finally, married to Joan, the love of my life, for 39 years.  She is trying to convince me that retirement is in my future.  Life has been, at times, exciting (a bit too much on occasion) but always interesting.  It has been my privilege to know and work with many talented and wonderful people over the past 50 years.  I’m an extremely lucky person, and my life has been a very enjoyable journey.

Judith Ann (Brown)McDaniel

Children(s) Names:  Jackie Bauer; Janet Bright.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Jordan Bauer; Connor Bright.

After graduation, my family moved to Garnett, KS where my father was the hospital administrator.  That summer of 1964, I went to school in Springfield, MO and then to Emporia State in Kansas.  In 1965 I married Jack Frew from Garnett, KS.  We moved to Topeka where we both worked.  In 1970, our first daughter, Jackie, was born.  In 1971, our second daughter, Janet, was born.  In 1973, Jack took a job in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Then in 1976 we divorced and the girls and I came back to Missouri where I met and married Clinton McDaniel, a CPA from Lake St. Louis, MO.  We both worked in the St. Louis metro area and the girls graduated high school from Wentzville, MO.  They both graduated college in St. Louis.  Jackie is married with a 17 year old daughter, Jordan, who will be attending Maryville University on an academic scholarship.  Janet is divorced with a 16 year old son, Connor.  Jackie is an RN at DePaul Hospital.  Janet is a programmer/IT Specialist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

When I was a child, we lived in three different countries.  Since 1993, I have been living back in Mountain Grove and my life has been pretty quiet and laid back.  I now understand what my mother had been saying my whole life, since my maternal ancestors have been from here, since my great, great, great grandparents.

Wendell Earl Dennis

Spouse’s Name:  Sharon Ann Dennis

Children(s) Names:  Jimmy (deceased); Brian (deceased); Brad Gaddy

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Finley Taylor Gaddy; Ethan Christopher Gaddy

After graduation, I worked in the Kansas oil fields from 1964 to 1967.  I moved to Eldon, MO where I worked as a crane operator for 13 years.  I then moved to Cabool, MO and became a truck driver driving for Cabool Oil Co. and then later Simonsen Chemical Company.  I moved to Hot Springs, AR and managed a chemical company for 3 years and then moved to Overland Park, KS and worked as a Salesman/Service Technician for Marlen Research Corp. who built food processing equipment for large corporations.  I’ve traveled extensively to Europe and the United States.  I held several positions within the company and retired as an engineering manager and Quality Assurance Manager.  I retired April 26, 2008.  We traveled across the United States with my wife, Sharon, until 2012.  We then bought a farm at Wasola, MO and built a big building and new house where we have cows, chickens, horses, 1 cat and 2 dogs named Annie and Flurry.  We love every minute of our life.

David Lewis Mings

Spouse’s Name:  Betty Ann Mings.

Children(s) Names:  Christopher David Mings & Chantel Denise Mings.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Henry David Mings.

Edith Louise (Wheeler) French

Spouse’s Name:  Jerry W. French, Sr.

Children(s) Names:  Jerry W. French, Jr.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Jeremy French, Senior at College of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, MO; Emma French, second year student, Williams Baptist College, Walnut Ridge, AR; Elizabeth French, Junior at Greenbriar High School, Greenbriar, AR.

After graduation, I lived and worked in Springfield, MO for about three years.  In July 1968, Jerry returned home from his tour of duty in Germany, we married and made our home in Springfield, MO.  In October of 1969 our son was born, then in December of 1969 we moved to Mammoth Spring, AR where we live today.  I was a stay at home mom for several years.

In 1978, I began working at Peoples Bank in Mammoth Spring as a proof machine operator.  During the following years, I worked as a teller, worked in the loan department, new accounts department, and the CD and IRA department.  In June 2010, I retired after 32 years in the banking business from Simmons First National Bank (the same bank, same location as Peoples Bank when I first started working), but owned by Simmons First National Bank of Pine Bluff, AR.

Peggy Lou (Higby) Webb

Spouse’s Name:  

Children(s) Names:  Denis Webb; Brandi Hamilton; G. Stuart Webb; Lisa Roberts; Kara Cox; and Kim Murray

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Ashley Burdette; Tristan Webb; Shelby Webb; Andrei Badoi; Jacob Tanner; Beau Springer; and Austin Cox

Great Grandchildren(s) Names:  Patience Tanner and Justice Tanner

Thinking back on my accomplishments since high school, the best summary would be:  “Variety is the spice of life!!”  My homes have been in numerous states from the East Coast to the West Coast and from the North to the South.  Through the years, I have also been employed at a great variety of jobs.  Many times, I have held more than one job during the same time period.  Some of my many professions have been:  Representative of the U.S. Census Department, Bank Auditor, Interviewer on Government Studies for the University of Chicago (NORC), Information Operator, Teacher’s Aide, Substitute Teacher, Assistant Office Manager, Office Manager, PBX Operator, Newspaper Proof Reader, Sales Clerk & Cashier, Landscaper, Head Start Assistant, House Cleaner, Construction Worker, Home Health Care, Income Tax Professional, and last (and most important) performing the duties of a Mom.

I have given birth to three outstanding children and have, additionally, raised three wonderful children for a total of six:  four daughters and two sons.  These children have given me seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  I consider myself to be very blessed.

Unfortunately, at a young age, I lost my husband who was in the U.S. Navy.  From that experience, I learned to try to capture each moment because they flee rapidly.  In my point of view, every6 day is an adventure and I try to encounter all the great thrills life holds.  As far as hobbies and interests go, I enjoy too many to count.  Life is one beg escapade!  My goal has always been to make the best of each day.  I guess one could say that is my biggest hobby.

Mountain Grove High School was not the end of my education.  With over two hundred college hours, I have degrees in both Business and in Construction.  Additionally, I have taken numerous specialized classes in tax preparation and banking.

My mark on this world has not been a big one; but, I have made a difference in the lives around me.  From the pre-school Head Start Program to elderly Home Health Care, from individuals coming to me for tax preparation to my traveling the country to interview groups of people, from teaching others’ children to teaching my own children; the one recurring theme through the years has been that of care giving.

Thus far, I have enjoyed my life.  I look for the good in each event and choose to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative.  Each day IS and adventure.  Make the most of it!!

Wanda Marie (Boykin) Snyder

Spouse’s Name:  Retired CW4 Albert Darrell Snyder (separated).

Children(s) Names:  Sherry Dee Snyder-Johnson (Kansas City, MO) & Darren William Snyder (Plato, MO).

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Austin Albert Snyder (19); Andrew Noah Johnson (6).

After high school, I married and served as a military wife from the Vietnam era through the beginning of the Gulf War.  As a military family, we moved several times and lived in Atlanta, Georgia; Charleston, MO; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; Mountain Grove; Frankfurt Germany; Fort Meade, Maryland; Fort Leonard Wood again; back to Fort Meade; Fort Rucker, Alabama; and finally settled in Plato, MO.

During that time, I raised two children-Sherry, who now lives in Kansas City, MO, with her husband, Bob, and six-year-old son, Andrew; and Darren, who lives in Plato and has a grown son, Austin, who lives in Raymondville, MO.  In addition to being a full-time mom, I also worked full-time most of the time-first as a cashier, then working my way up through various accounting roles to lead voucher examiner in Finance and Accounting.  After more than 24 years in the Civil Service, I took early retirement in September 2002 to spend more time with my family and pursue my hobbies.

My hobbies are traveling, cake decorating, sewing, quilting, embroidery, and spending time with my grandkids and family.  In addition, I enjoy walking and playing with my spoiled red and white Border Collie and self-proclaimed second daughter, Chloe.

My travels have taken me to countless cities in 30 states and four different countries.  Some of the more interesting places I’ve adventured to include the Netherlands; Germany; Austria; New York City; Washington, D.C.; Dallas; Reno; Orlando; San Francisco; The Grand Canyon; and one of my personal favorites-Graceland in Memphis, to horseback riding at a Dude Ranch in Texas.

While in the Netherlands, I waded in the North Sea, tip-toed through tulip fields, road a boat on a canal, and toured Amsterdam and Madurodam.  Madurodam is a miniature prk and tourist attraction in the Scheveningen district of The Hague.

While living in Germany, I visited several castles, including Heidelberg Castle, Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle, and Ludwig’s summer home.  I also spent time in Wildflicken, camped and sledded in the Bavarian Alps, and Oberammergau in Garmisch.  Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a mountain resort town in Bavaria, southern Germany.  Even though I’m a teetotaler, I still enjoyed going to the October Fest in Munich.  The heart-wrenching history of the Holocaust came to life as I toured Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, allied forces prisoner-of-war tunnels under the General Walker Hotel in Berchtesgaden, and the first Nazi concentration camp in Dachau.

In Austria, I took a gondola up the mountain to the Catholic Abbey where The Sound of Music was filmed, exploring the salt mines in Salzburg, and toured Mozart’s home where his piano still resides today.

Throughout Washington, D.C. and Virginia, I went to President George Washington’s home; the Iwo Jima Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery; President J.F. Kennedy’s grave; General Robert E. Lee’s home; the Washington Monument; the Lincoln Monument; the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; the National Art Gallery; the National Zoo; Smithsonian Museums, and the White House and Capitol Building.

I did some traveling for business while I was working, and after my retirement, I accompanied my daughter, Sherry, on several of her business trips.  While in New York City, I went to the Statue of Liberty, Stanton Island, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, a Broadway play, NBC Studios at 30 Rock Plaza, and I was in the audience of The Phil Donahue Show.

Some of my personal favorite attractions were the Grand Old Opry and Opryland USA in Nashville, Tennessee; the Bonanza Ranch and the old town Virginia City near Lake Tahoe, Nevada; Ghirardelli Square and Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in San Francisco, California; swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove, Sea World; lounging on the beach at Ocean City, Maryland, and Cocoa Beach, Florida; and visiting the various Disney theme parks and Gatorland in Orland, Florida, with my children and grandchildren.

Larry Doyle Cutburth

Spouse’s Name:  Kathryn

Children(s) Names:  Chris; Tammy; & Michael

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Brisyn; Caiden; Ashlynn; Chase; BreAnna; Zachary; Noah; Eli; Shaela; & Makayla.

I’ve been married to Kathryn for 34 years.  We have 3 children and 10 grandchildren.  We’ve lived in Hermiston, Oregon since 1986.  I’ve been driving a semi-truck in the Northwest (mostly produce).  I always have a great garden planted every year and still love to deer and elk hunt with my sons in the Blue Mountains of Oregon.

Kirby Jeanece (Lewis) Crisp

Spouse’s Name:  Larry Crisp

Children(s) Names:  Jeff Anthony Crisp; Abbey Beckett; Dr. Ashley Crisp, M.D.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Karsen Beckett; Kasey Beckett; Makinley Crisp

Larry and I married in November 1964.  We live between Hartville and Mansfield.  For many years, Larry and I have owned our own businesses, Larry Crisp Motors and Kirby’s Flower Village.  Although we are not retired, we find plenty of time for traveling and entertaining family and friends.  We spend a lot of time at Lake of the Ozarks.

We have a son and two daughters.  Our son, Jeff and his wife Susan and daughter Makinley, live in Nixa, MO.  Our daughter, Abbey and husband John Beckett and two daughters Karsen and Kasey, live in Camdenton, MO.  Daughter, Dr. Ashley Crisp MD, lives in Bristol, TN.

We are very thankful for our family and the joy they bring to our lives.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.  It is amazing how fast these 50 years have passed.

George Wesley Isenburg

Spouse’s Name:  Jan

Larry Ross Clark

Spouse’s Name:  Cindy (Christensen) Clark (MGHS class of 1967).

Children(s) Names:  Stacy Ross Clark.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Owen Ross Clark & Cale Weston Clark.

Margaret Ann (Smith) Mitchell

Margaret Ann (Smith) Mitchell

Spouse’s Name:  Gaylord Lee Mitchell (deceased).

Children(s) Names:  Kevin L. Mitchell; Michelle Page; and Carla Campbell.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Eric Vaughn; Nicole Vaughn; Raven Page; Ashley Page; Jennifer Hill; James Mitchell; Austin Campbell; Nathan Campbell; Catelin Campbell; Megan Campbell.

Step Grandchildren(s):  Richelle Page; Melanie Page; Matthew Page; Robert Page.

I was born in Mountain Grove, MO.  I lived from 1954 until 1962 in McKinleyville, CA.  We moved back to Mountain Grove.  In 1963, we moved next door to my future husband, Gaylord Mitchell.  In 1965, we were married until he passed away in 1997 of lung cancer.

I still live on the farm we raised our family on.  We had one son and two daughters, they all live close by.  I have been blessed with 13 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, they are a joy.

Most of my adult life, I have worked at nursing homes and residential care in Cabool.  I also worked at the shoe factory 9 years.

I like to crochet and read in my spare time.

Eula Lorene (Bell) Richardson

Spouse’s Name:  Jimmy R. Richardson

Children(s) Names:  Judy Lynn (Richardson) Stevens; Christina Raye (Richardson) Workman

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Ashley; Brittney; Brooke; and Brandi

Great Grandson(s) Names:  Kaiden

Since graduation from MGHS in 1964, I attended and graduated from College of the Ozarks where I met my husband Jimmy.  Jim graduated from Sparta High School.  We have been married for 47 years and have lived in Sparta since Jim got out of the US Army in 1970.  We have two daughters, Judy and Christy, and four lovely granddaughters:  Ashley (25); Brooke (22); Brittney (20); and Brandi (17 and a Senior in high school).  A great grandson, Kaiden Issiak, who will be 2 years old June 13th.  Our daughters and granddaughters have always kept us busy following girl’s Sparta basketball team that was undefeated in 2009.  

I taught first grade at Sparta for 24 years.  I received my Masters in Elementary Education from Missouri State University in 1992.  My husband and I both retired in 2004.  I have been substituting since my retirement which I enjoy.  There are now several teachers at Sparta whom I had in first grade.

My husband and I enjoy traveling, camping, and fishing which we get to do ore of since retirement.  We have been on three cruises which included a trip to Alaska.  We enjoyed the cruises.  I would love to go on a cruise to Hawaii or Alaska again for our 50th anniversary.

I love to read in my spare time.  I also enjoy spending time with my family and our cocker patches.

Jonathan Joel Roth

Spouse’s Name:  Mary Sue (Baden) Roth

Children(s) Names:  Cheryl Renee & Jeffery Craig (J.C.)

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Elias Edquist & Hala Edquist and Tucker & Heston Roth

I have had a few different jobs since high school.  I opted not to go to college, just join the work force.

During my time in the work force, I have had a few heart surgeries and I am still kicking.  I have had two valve replacements, two pace makers, and most recently, a computer hooked to my heart.  Doctors called the computer a I.C.D. which is an Implantable Cardiovascular Difibulator.  The Lord God has been there every time I had a procedure performed for my heart.  So, I honor the Lord God for being here today for our 50-year celebration and married to the same woman for 45 years.

Shirley May (Nettleton) Cockrum

Spouse’s Name:  Deceased.

Children(s) Names:  Ray W. Cockrum (deceased); Jason Cockrum;  Gary Cockrum.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Chelsea Cockrum; Tyler Cockrum.

My past 50 years have been both good and bad.  I married and had three sons, went to school, and worked.  After 25 years of marriage, my “love of my life” husband and I divorced.  I went back to school again, and I traveled a lot here in the U.S. visiting at least 46 states plus Mexico and Canada over the next 20 years.  I remarried a few years after my divorce and my husband passed away in 2012.

I have worked at the Missouri University Bookstore and University Hospital & Clinics in accounting, and, for several years, at the University Hospital and Rusk Rehab Center as a nurse in Columbia, MO.  After moving to southwest Missouri, my husband and I had a convenience store and deli for several years.  I also worked for St. Vincent / Cox Monett Hospital as an RN and for The Independent Living Center in Joplin, MO as an RN.  I then finished up the last several years of my working for the state of Missouri.  I also raised mini-donkeys and some cattle.

My education consists of an Associates Degree in nursing, a BS Degree in Public Health / Nursing, an MS Degree in Natural Health, and a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy.

I am now retired and still live on a “small” 20 acre farm in southwest Missouri.  My oldest son is deceased, and my other two sons still live in the Columbia, MO area.  I have two grandchildren.  My oldest grandchild is a freshman in college.

The most important things in my life now are God and family.

Grant Gordon Smith Jr.

Spouse’s Name:  Becky.

Children(s) Names:  Stephanie and Samantha.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Jack and Sophia.

I entered the Coast Guard upon graduation from high school.  After that I worked for Zenith Corporation in Springfield as a TV repairman and met Becky whom I married in 1970.  We have two daughters, Stephanie and Samantha and two grandkids, Jack and Sophia.

I moved to Independence, MO in 1971 and raised our kids there.  I worked 31 years for United Brotherhood of Carpenters, and spent the last 16 years of my career as a Carpenter Instructor at Job Corp in Excelsior Springs.  

Retirement has been great at the Lake of the Ozarks, and last year we bought a winter home in Englewood, Florida so we can enjoy sunshine instead of snow and ice.

Gerald (Jerry) Joseph Zeman

Spouse’s Name:  Divorced.

Children(s) Names:  Tammi; Shelli; Angle; Darren; Christina.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  10 grandchildren:  4 boys; 6 girls.

After completing high school, I went to the U.S. Army for three years.  In 1967, I went to work for Beech Aircraft in Wichita, KS.  In 1969, I got laid off at Beech Aircraft.  The next day, I went to work for Cessna Aircraft for four months after I was recalled to Beech.  In April 1971, Beech sent me to Salina, KS to work in the plastic department.  In 2003, the plastic department was sold to Noldam in Tulsa, OK.  I went back to Wichita to work in the Special Project Group.  In 2012, I retired with 41 years, 4 months, 2 days with Beech.

I’m divorced with four daughters and one son.  I have ten grandchildren ages 23 to 7.  Four boys and six girls.

After retiring, I moved back to Brookville, KS to work on my old car and build a tri.  I stay in Brookville about four days a week, and the rest of the week in Wichita.  I don’t ride my old Harley much anymore.  I had a bad wreck in 2005.  I hit a deer.

Connie Belle (Long) Dake

Spouse’s Name:  Harold “Junior” Dake.

Children(s) Names:  Timothy Dake; Rebekah Dake Dowden.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Jeremiah Dowden; Jonas Dowden; and Malachi Dowden.

Wow!  Hard to believe it has been 50 years.  Where has the time gone.  I’m looking forward to seeing old friends at the alumni reunion.

I married before we graduated, so we have already celebrated our “50th wedding anniversary.”  We have two wonderful children and 3 fabulous grandsons.  They are the joy of our lives.

We have worked and stayed pretty close to the Mtn. Grove area.  God is good!!

Linda (Sutherland) Brown

Spouse’s Name:  Dan Brown (MGHS class of 1962).

Children(s) Names:  Leslie Brown; Dan Brown Jr.

Grandchildren(s) Names: Michael Brown

After graduation, I attended Missouri State University.  Then, I moved to Kansas City and found a job.  In 1966, Dan Brown and I were married.  We have two children, a daughter and a son.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1995, and have been dealing with it for some time.

Our son, Dan, was married in 1999.  In 2000, they had a son, Michael, our grandson.  Michael is a true joy in our life and like all good grandparents, we get to spoil him.

Our daughter, Leslie, moved to Denver, Colorado in December 2004.  She has a laser business for skin renewal and hair removal.

Dan and I are both retired and enjoying life.

It is hard to believe the 50-year class reunion is coming up.

Diane (Landreth) Hutsell

Tia Patricia (Kolb) Creamer

Spouse’s Name:  Jeff Creamer

Children(s) Names:   Scott

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Delaney

Did we graduate in a phenomenal decade or what?  And now we span the Beatles to Facebook!

After graduation from MGHS, I attended college and, with a few twists and turns, graduated from SMS, now Missouri State University.  I married George Anderson in 1969.  We had some exciting years traveling with American Airlines, had a wonderful son, Scott, now 41, and George died too young from cancer.

Like many women, I had several jobs before ending up with a career running a travel agency in Tulsa for 25 plus years.  During that time I married Jeff Creamer, a former New Yorker turned Okie, who saved my life, so to speak, helped me raise Scott, and a few decades later we are grandparents to Delaney, 9, and adjusting to retirement together.

I’m a huge sports nut, love my TU Golden Hurricane (where I worked before I retired), the OKC Thunder, of course, will always root for Mizzou, and those MGHS Panthers started it all!  Life is good!  We probably didn’t think so at the time, but we had a great start just being raised in Mountain Grove, Missouri.

Spouse’s Name:  None

Children(s) Names:   Michael; Michele Hutsell; Marianne Parson

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Tristen Mudd; Zeth Hutsell; Valery Reyes; Kylie Meeker

6-Great Grandchildren

In November of 1963, I married Donald Hutsell, and we had three children, Michael, Michele, and Marianne.  Mike has one daughter Valery Reyes, Michele has one son, Zeth Hutsell, and Marianne has a son, Tristen Mudd, and a daughter, Kylie Meeker.  I also have 6 great grandchildren.

We moved to Kansas City around 1965, and I went to cosmetology school in North Kansas City.  I received my license in 1968.  After being married 14 years, Don and I divorced.  I worked, in addition to doing hair, at Brown Shoe Co. in Cabool, Walmart in Branson, and Lee’s in Seymour.  When Lee’s closed, I was able to go to college at Ozark Technical College and received my Associates Degree.  I then worked at the Department of Natural Resources for 10 years and retired at 63 years old.

I took care of my mother for several years after my dad passed away, and she passed away in November 2013.  I enjoy being home as I’ve worked away from home all my life.  I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends when we can be together.

Looking forward to seeing all of you for our 50th reunion.

Connie Lee (Middleton) Morris

Spouse’s Name:  None.

Children(s) Names:  Marty Sanders and Rhonda Flynn

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Eddie Flynn and Nikki Flynn

Great Grandchild Name:  Alexis Dingman

After graduation, I worked at The Security Bank of Mountain Grove.  Then my children, Marty and Rhonda, moved with me to Springfield, MO.  I began working in the insurance business and stayed in this field until I retired.

I worked for numerous companies but spent the last 25 years working for State Farm Insurance.  I worked as a claims adjuster, auditor and for the last fifteen years was a Catastrophe Manager.  I loved this challenging job.

My children, grandchildren and great grandchild, Alexis, live close by and like most parents and grandparents; they are the light of my life.

Can’t wait to see everyone in July!James Richard Ward

Spouse’s Name:  Sandra (Fletcher) Ward (MGHS Class of 1966).

Children(s) Names:  Terri (Ward) Crewse; Leslie (Ward) Black (MGHS Class of 1997).

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Brett Crewse (Deceased); Emily Crewse; Bryce Crewse; Whitney Crewse; Trent Crewse; Morgan Black; and Justin Black.

Sandy and I were married in 1966 and living in Springfield, MO.  I joined the US Air Force in 1967 during the Vietnam War era.  I served most of my military time at Charleston AFB, South Carolina, but spent a one-year tour of duty in Viet Nam.

Our older daughter, Terri, was born in 1969 while I was serving in Viet Nam.  After returning to the U.S. in 1970, I was discharged from the Air Force and we moved back to Mountain Grove.  In 1976, I joined The Security Bank of Mountain Grove and decided to make banking my career.  While working at The Security Bank, my younger daughter, Leslie, was born in 1979, and I graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Finance in 1983.

After graduating from MSU, I joined the Missouri Division of Finance as a state bank examiner.  Later, I joined the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency as a National Bank Examiner.  I left government employment in 1997 and joined the staff of Empire Bank in Springfield, MO.  I am currently the Senior Vice President of Empire Bank.

Our daughter, Terri, is a graduate of Kickapoo High School, Springfield, MO, but attended Mountain Grove Elementary School, and Missouri State University.  She, her husband Len (an MGHS graduate) and family live in St. Peters, MO.  Leslie is a 1997 graduate of Mountain Grove High School and Drury University.  Leslie and her children live in Ozark, MO.  Besides our two daughters, we have 7 grandchildren.  We lost our oldest grandchild, Brett Crewse, to a heart condition in 2012.  We also lost Leslie’s husband, Jamie Black, to cancer in 2011.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our 50th class reunion and banquet in July.

Sharon Kay (Rust) Freeman

Spouse’s Name:  Thomas Max Freeman, Sr.

Children(s) Names:  Rhonda L. (Parsons) Rickerson (MGHS class of 1983); Michael S. Parsons (MGHS class of 1989)

Step Children(s) Names:  Keelie D. (Freeman) Stucker (MGHS class of 1991); Thomas M. (Tommy) Freeman, Jr. (MGHS class of 1994)

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Danielle L. (Melton) Dunlap (MGHS class of 2006); Michael L. Parsons (MGHS class of 2012)

Step Grandchildren(s) Names:  Bailey L. Dake (MGHS class of 2014); Logan T. Stucker; and Cameron J. Stucker

Great Grandchildren(s) Name:  Jailynn L. Melton; and Mikailynn A. Melton

After graduating from high school, I worked at Brown Shoe Co.

In 1965, Gary L. Parsons (MGHS class of 1964) and I were married.  We had 2 children, one son-in-law, Willie Rickerson, one daughter-in-law, Michelle Robertson Parsons (‘93 MGHS graduate), 2 grandchildren, 1 granddaughter-in-law, Tara (Anderson) Parsons, 1 step grandchild and 2 great grandchildren.

I worked at Brown Shoe Co. until 1974 when I got my real estate salesperson license and went to work for Smith & Co. Realtors.  While there, I also got my real estate broker’s license.

In 1984, Thomas M. Freeman and I were married and my family increased by 2 stepchildren, 1 son-in-law, Marcus Stucker, and 2 step grandchildren.

In 1986, I left Smith & Co. Realtors and stayed home for a while.  I later worked as a teller at Boatmen’s Bank, the office of Brown Shoe Co., then Executive Director of the Mountain Grove Chamber of Commerce, and receptionist at Farm Bureau Insurance.  I was elected Mountain Grove City Collector in April 2003.

We decided at the end of my term in March 2005 with the words “will you go on the road with me until I retire in May 2008,” to hit the road in an RV.  Now after Tom’s retirement from BNSF Railroad, we still travel but have finally bought a home in Warsaw, MO.  We just goof off, fish, work in the yard and I quilt some.  We have been in all states except one.  I love visiting with family and friends and especially not having to listen to an alarm clock go off.

Larry Dean Elliott

After graduation in 1964, I worked in the local area at some different jobs, such as mowing, raking, baling, and hauling of hay, and truck driver.

In January 1966 I was requested to join the Army by my selective service board. I spent two years with them, with 16 months of this time in Vietnam. After my return home I took some time to adjust back to regular life. I worked around the area doing jobs in construction and other work.

In 1969 I moved to Gardner, IL and went to work at the Joliet Army Ammunition Plant at Elwood, also called the Joliet Arsenal. Worked in railroad maintenance and track inspection, until 1971 when I was laid off due to cutbacks in required output at the plant. I then went to work at Kerns Furniture Factory in Coal City until 1973 when they were going to move the operations to the state of Oregon.

I then went to work for Caterpillar Tractor Company in February of 1973. I worked many jobs from chrome rod line burr bench to operator of computer controlled machining center. The machining center machined large engine oil pumps and other types of gear pumps.

In the mid to latter 1970’s the Caterpillar plant in Joliet, Illinois employed over 7.000 workers. We had some temporary layoffs in the early 1980’s. Then in January 1985 they had a huge layoff in which I was one of the laid off workers. Laid off for three years and two months. While laid off I used the dislocated workers program and went to classes for electrical work at Joliet collage. I went to work for a local area contractor doing their electrical work. In 1986 I started my electrical business.  Went back to work for Caterpillar in 1988 when they called me back. Worked at Caterpillar Inc. till October 1, 2012, when I retired. Had open heart surgery in mid October, 2012. Came out alright and I work around the house and neighborhood and enjoy retirement. Married in November 1972 to Helen have one daughter Christina born in May 1986, who is getting married in October 2014.

Janet Melva (Lindholm) Ladd

Spouse’s Name:  Archie Ladd.

Children(s) Names:  Amye Dawn.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Allye Danielle.

During the summer of 1964, I worked for Emma Barker at their home.  In September of 1964, I enrolled at Southwest Missouri State University and worked toward a degree.  I also worked part-time at a campus job.  In January 1969, I completed requirements for my Bachelor’s Degree.  I immediately started work for the Department of Social Services in Christian County, MO.  I continued working there in various jobs until my retirement after 31 ½ years on July 31, 2000.

On April 29, 1977, Archie Ladd and I were married and I moved to the Ladd family farm at Sparta, MO where we continue to live.

On February 26, 1981, we were blessed with the birth of our daughter Amye Dawn.  Amye was a gifted athlete and we enjoyed many years of watching her play basketball in high school and college.  In the summer of 1996 when Amye was a sophomore in high school, she was selected to play with 10 other girls from various high schools for Sports Challenge in Switzerland.  We were able to accompany the team and spent a week seeing ball games and sightseeing all over.

On January 3, 2011, Amye and her husband, Daniel, blessed us with a granddaughter Allye Danielle.  She is such a joy and we keep her a lot because of Amye and Daniels odd hour work schedule.

Since Archie’s retirement in 2005, we have worked to improve our beef cattle herd and pastures since we have more time.  For several years, we developed and sold bred heifers in the Show-Me Select sale in Joplin, MO.  Right now we are keeping our own heifers to upgrade our own herd again.  It is a lot of work but it keeps us busy and healthy.

In the overall scheme of things, life has been good and continues to be.

Erma Jane (McGownd) Williams

Spouse’s Name:  Larry Williams

Children(s) Names:  Leslie Williams; Shelley Prettyman.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Lacey Arnold; Cole Brown.

I moved to Fulton, MO in 1966.  I had two girls and stayed home with them until 1977.  I went to work in a bank then in a savings and loan.  In 1991, I went to work for the Fulton School District in the business office and retired from there in 2010.  Since then, I have been growing vegetables and quilting.  We have two grandchildren.  One lives close by, and the other lives in California.  I plan to visit her more often in the future.  I occasionally babysit for an 18-month old little girl.  So much fun.

Carol Anne (Reece) Reynolds

Spouse’s Name:  David Belt.

Children(s) Names:  Stephanie Anne Haase.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Jacob Haase; Sylvia Haase.

Immediately after graduation, I attended St. John’s School of Nursing, graduating from there in 1967.  My first job as a Registered Nurse was at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, working in Pediatrics.  One of my classmates and I lived with her aunt while there and enjoyed our first leap into adulthood and semi-independence.  I returned to Springfield to prepare for my wedding and began working at St. John’s.

I was married for 12 years, have one wonderful daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren.  My daughter is also a nurse and works for the Cerner Corporation.  My son-in-law works for HealthMEDX.  My grandson is in his junior year at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, MO, majoring in Computer Engineering.  My granddaughter is in the eighth grade and swims on the Springfield Public Aquatics (SPA) Team.

I continued to work at St. John’s for the next 30+ years, working in several different roles – as a staff and charge nurse, as Coordinator of Professional Standards Review, in nursing management as a unit director, and, for the last approximately ten years, in nursing administration.

I retired and assisted my mother when she needed help to stay at home for four years before her passing.  I, then, returned to Springfield and worked at Cox Hospital for five years before retiring again.  I have shared my life for the past 18 years with my very best friend and life partner, David.  We have enjoyed traveling within the United States and internationally.  Most of our travels consist of keeping up with family and participating in family activities.  In fact, that is the reason I have been unable to attend our high school reunions as it is a tradition for us to spend the Fourth of July with family members out of our area.

My very best wishes to all of you.  I know you will have a wonderful time at our 50th high school reunion.  You will certainly be in my thoughts.

Larry Joe Collins

Spouse’s Name:  Trevia (Robertson) Collins (MGHS Class of 1966).

Children(s) Names:  Michelle Ratka; Bradley Collins.

Grandchildren(s) Names:   Kevin; Amanda; Christopher; Ryan; Brianna; Nicholas; Nathan.

Great grandchildren(s):  Bentley.

After graduating from high school, I worked at Brown Shoe Co.  In 1965, I relocated to the St. Louis area to work for Dodds Truck Lines.

In 1967, Trevia Robertson and I were married and settled in the St. Louis area.  I went to work for Consolidated Freightways.  We have two children, seven grandchildren and one great grandson.  We remained in the St. Louis area for 46 years, working and raising our family there.

Trevia and I retired in 2013 and moved back to Mountain Grove.  We are still settling in and getting used to the slower pace here in the Missouri Ozarks and loving it.

James Thomas Blackwell

Spouses Name: Donna Rae (Peterson) Blackwell (MGHS class of...)

Children(s) Names: James C. Blackwell, Jason T. Blackwell, Matthew E. Blackwell, Angie L. Daniels, Amy L. Holley, Michelle D. Schuster.

Grandchildren(s) Names: Nathan and Zachary Daniels; Jonas and Ethan Holly; Rylan, Isabella and Eden Schuster; Makynli, Zane and Sawyer Blackwell.

After high school graduation, I worked in meat packing and construction. In 1966, I was drafted into the U.S. military. I was stationed in South Korea for 15 months. After military service, I worked construction in the Kansas City area for nine years.

In 1977, we started a dairy farm north of Mountain Grove. After 30 years of dairy farming, we switched our operation to beef and hay.

My wife, Donna, and I have been married for 31 years, and together we have 6 children and 10 grandchildren. I hope to see and visit with everyone at our class reunion.

Vancetta Lou (Hutsell) Asselin

Spouse’s Name:  Fred Asselin.

Children(s) Names:  Bernie, Amy.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  Mason.

I’ve lived in Houston, MO since high school graduation, except for three years that I lived in Pasadena, Texas.  While in Texas, I worked for a newspaper.  After returning to Missouri, I worked for Brown Shoe Company until the shoe factory closed down.  I then worked for H.D. Lee Company until they closed down.  After that, I went to school in Rolla, MO at Metro College to become a Medical Assistant.  I worked for the Texas County Memorial Hospital for 15 years and retired from there in 2008.

I married Fred Asselin in 1970.  Fred retired from the Missouri state prison, Licking, MO in 2012.

I have two children.  My son, Bernie, works for Boeing Aircraft in St. Louis and has five children.  My daughter, Amy, lives in Houston, MO and works for the Missouri state prison in Licking, MO and has one daughter.

Since we are both retired, Fred and I just do what we want to do every day, run around mostly.  We go camping a lot in the summertime, and spend time with our grandchildren.

Lorna Kay (Baty) Crisp

Spouse’s Name:  Lonnie Crisp (MGHS class of 1966).

Children(s) Names:  Terry Collins (MGHS class of 1984) and Tracey Collins (MGHS class of 1985).

Step Children:  Annette Burt, Wes Crisp, Loretta Ellis, and Anthony Crisp.

Grandchildren(s) Names:  12 grandchildren.

After high school graduation, I attended Draughon’s Business College, Springfield, MO, married and had two sons.  I worked at an abstract company and for various attorneys.  I became employed by the state of Missouri and worked in Springfield, Houston and Mountain Grove.  After having worked for the Division of Family Services for 30 years, I retired in 2002.

I married Lonnie Crisp in 1994.  He currently has his own ATV business and also considers this his hobby and fun as he loves the “racing.”

We are blessed to be living in the great community where I grew up.  The neighbors, family and friends are all so special.  Lonnie and I are involved in church, and we enjoy our children and our twelve grandchildren’s activities.  I am looking forward to seeing and visiting with everyone at our class reunion.